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Regular Updates:

Stay informed about school happenings, events, and important dates through our newsletters.

Academic Calendar:

Access the school's academic calendar to keep track of holidays, exams, and special events

Parent-Teacher Communication:

Communication Channels:

Utilize our designated platforms or tools for direct communication between parents and teachers.

Parent-Teacher Meetings:

Information regarding scheduled parent-teacher meetings and how to schedule appointments or discussions.

Involvement Opportunities:

Volunteering and Engagement:

Guidance on how parents can actively participate in school activities, volunteer for events, or contribute to various programs.

Parent Committees or Associations:

Information about parent committees or associations where parents can collaborate and contribute to school initiatives.

Support and Guidance:

Parental Guidance Resources:

Resources and articles to assist parents in supporting their child's education, well-being, and academic growth.

Workshops and Seminars:

Announcements about workshops or seminars designed to enhance parental involvement and understanding of educational practices.

Feedback and Suggestions:

Feedback Mechanisms:

Provide feedback or suggestions to improve school processes, activities, or communication channels.

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Anonymously submit suggestions or concerns to the school administration for consideration.

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